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Solve Equation System (5 unkowns)

Solve Equation System (5 unkowns)

Postby xborras7 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:17 pm
Hey! I want to describe a temperature distribution to a 3D shape.

I have de temperature(z) and position of 5 points(x,y).

T1 = 64.3ºC, (X1=0.25, Y1=0.25)
T2 = 62.7ºC, (X2=0.25, Y2=0.75)
T3 = 84.9ºC, (X3=0.75, Y3=0.25)
T4 = 91.7ºC, (X4=0.75, Y4=0.75)
T5 = 93.4ºC, (X5=0.75, Y5=0.50)

My intention is to find the constant for this shape:


It is a simple elliptic paraboloid.

Being Z the temperatures. HOw I do to solve 5 equations 5 unkowns {a,b,X0,Y0,Z0)?
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